Even Google has joined the Mobile Payment Services based on UPI (Unified Payments Interface) after launching their new app “TEZ”, will be available for Asian Markets.


Send money home to your family, split a dinner bill with friends, or pay the neighborhood chaiwala. Make all payments big or small, directly from your bank account with Tez, Google’s new digital payment app for India.

Tez is launching today on Apple Store and Google Play Store in the country and soon Google linking up with several major banks in the country by way of UPI. They already tied up with Axis, HDFC Bank, ICICI and State Bank of India. Google has even partnered with BookMyShow, PVR, Domino’s Pizza, Dish TV and Jet Airways for their payment services.

There will be transfer limit ₹1,00,000 in one day across all UPI apps, and 20 transfers in one day.

Tez also features Pay Nearby feature by which you can send money instantly to another Tez user nearby without needing to share private details like your bank account or phone number. Tez will also introduce some Delightful surprises by which you can earn some tez scratch cards.

Earn Tez Scratch Cards to win up to ₹1,000 with each transaction and be eligible to win ₹1 lakh every week with Lucky Sundays.

Interestingly, the app supports up to 7 regional languages such as Hindi, Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Marathi, Tamil and Telugu with more coming soon.

As Google says TEZ will Secure payments with Tez Shield “The Tez Shield works 24/7 to help detect fraud, prevent hacking, and verify your identity. Each transaction is secured with your UPI PIN and the app is secured with a Google PIN or your screen lock method such a fingerprint.”




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