There is no denying the fact that the all-new Apple iPhone X has some cool live Wallpaper that comes pre-loaded on the device to showcase its bezel-less design at the front. Most of these wallpapers look super dope on 18:9 Bezel-Less Display Smartphones.

iPhone X Wallpapers

As per now, Apple is testing iOS version 11.2 for the iPhone X and the update brings three new iPhone wallpapers as well as a bunch of new dynamic wallpapers. The update should arrive on iPhones next month, but you can already get a hold of those flashy 3 new wallpapers.

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While these wallpapers will further add to the appeal of your iPhone X or any other bezel-less smartphone and with upcoming iOS 11.2 these are actually live wallpapers that you can 3D Touch to animate. They do look stunning when in motion, but you can also use the static images on any other device if you like this new styling.




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